The Identity of Christ

I am always amazed at the number of people who can read from the same scriptures yet preach a different gospel than that preached by Christ. Christ never preached or told anyone that he was "God the Son", "God the Holy Ghost", "God the Father" or that he was "God." So who was Christ? (John 8:40) This particular series brings to light the identity of Christ and the relationship he had with God (John 10:36, Heb 1:5). It presents the why, how, when and where Christ first established “HIS” church and the “DOCTRINE OF CHRIST” which is the cornerstone and foundation of every true Christian Apostolic Church.



Who Is This Man Named Jesus?
The Identity Of Christ

Identity of Christ Series: (Parts 1-4)

(Part 1): Who Do You Say I Am?

(Part 2): The Church Christ Established

(Part 3): The Doctrine Of Christ & (The Doctrine Of God)

(Part 4): The Christian Apostolic Doctrine