Until God Perfects His Love In Me

There is a difference between hearing a sermon and hearing the Word of God; A sermon may or may not contain the word of God. And if I am preaching the word of God, I going to find it where? – Bible

Preaching that fails to address sin or correct false doctrinal teachings does not meet people’s needs. It may make them feel good and they may respond enthusiastically to the preacher, but that is not the same as having their real needs met.

Since the Bible declares that God will supply all our needs. The question then becomes what do I need from God? The answer depends on your relationship with God. In order to have a relationship with God, - I need to know who God is and what God is. The Bible tells us that God is Love and it is His Love that is within us that is reflective of our treatment of one another.

Pastor Gregg delivers a powerful and in-depth message on this subject matter.

Until God Perfects His Love In Me

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