Understanding Misinterpreted Scriptures


Figurative or Literal?

The problem arises when we try to literally “fuseGod and man (Jesus) together instead of viewing and presenting God as a Spirit capable of indwelling/entering/influencing the body of the man named Jesus (the vessel) while Jesus yet maintained his own separate and independent mind/soul/spirit or body, as do all men (the needed totally human aspect). If Jesus “truly” has a human soul/spirit, as you or I, then it too (that human aspect of Jesus) must be in heaven with God since it was not left in hell (Acts 2:27, 31).


How To Deal With Perceived Contradictions

When two interpretations are claimed for a Scripture, the construction most in agreement with all the facts of the case should be adopted. When all the facts of an interpretation are in agreement they sound together in harmony, like notes in a chord.


Misinterpreted Scriptures