The Humanity of Christ Series: (Parts 1-3)

Summary: The Humanity of Christ (Series 1-3)


There are those of us who classify ourselves as “Oneness” (Apostolic, Pentecostal, and various Non-Denominational churches). Most of these groups presented God with a slightly different twist than the Trinitarians.


We were taught to profess that God consists of three manifestations but not in the manner the Trinitarians portray Jesus. We were told to believe that Jesus was the “incarnation” of God himself. The fundamental difference is that they believe “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” are titles which belong solely to Jesus. They teach God came to earth in the form of a human infant, called himself Jesus, then acted as (or pretended to be) his own Son to himself (while he was in his human body of flesh) and used his “own” human body (that committed no sin) to be the sacrificed atonement for the sins of the world.



What They Both Have in Common:

Although there are many other differences that distinguish these groups apart (Oneness/Trinitarians) they both teach and instill in their members the same non-biblical “created concept” called the incarnation, that God was “totally human” by means of incarnation. God embodied himself in a body of flesh (then called himself Jesus) and by doing such that made God “totally human” (or a complete human) while at the same time he was “totally God.”


NOTE: To the “unlearned,” this terminology may “sound plausible” but there is a very important difference between a spirit, or entity (God), being “incarnated” in its own individual body in comparison to a man (Jesus) having the Spirit of God “indwelling” in his human body. (See also: Incarnation vs Indwelling)


Sometimes Proving “The Truth”……… Requires Asking the Right Questions


Since the humanity of Jesus Christ is fundamental to every Christian doctrine we should first be able to prove that Jesus was indeed human, thus you need to make sure that you really understand exactly what constitutes a man as being “totally human.” This is a very important matter because in order to prove who Jesus is (or who he is not) we need to be able to do two things:


  1. distinguish the difference between being “totally human” from that of being “totally God”; and
  2. distinguish the difference between having the “Spirit of God from the “spirit of man; that which makes man human and separates him (his humanity) from being God.


Q1. Have you ever wondered how Jesus could actually be BOTH (totally Man) and (totally God) “literally” as we claim without being contradictory?

Q2. Can anyone explain: If (Jesus is totally God) then how is (God totally man)? Are you confused? You should be and here is why.



The TRUTHFULNESS of this matter is something that can be easily PROVEN.


Q3. Either Jesus COULD sin OR Jesus COULD NOT sin; WHICH IS IT?


The answer to these questions are answered in this video lesson

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I pray you find this Home Bible Study video series helpful.

Pastor Kevin M. Gregg