The Oneness of God

The Oneness Of God In Christ (Series 1-3)

The Oneness of God

How we explained the Oneness of God and the relationship that existed between God and Christ (especially now that Jesus is in Heaven) has historically been a problem for “Oneness” and “Trinitarians” alike.


As individuals mature and become more knowledgeable in the Word of God our understanding increases and sooner or later it becomes apparent that factors exist that many of our Christian based churches are just not addressing. Many of us who carry the banner of being “Oneness” has stayed silent far too long waiting on established Church leaders to address those “other” scriptures that clearly challenge the soundness and credibility of our otherwise long historically held doctrine.


Peter gave some good advice about readiness, “always be ready” to give an answer to those who ask us the reason for our understanding. (1 Peter 3:15)

This requires that you STUDY; Why? (To show yourself to be an approved workman (a minister, Christian representative, etc.), so you may be able to prove by the scriptures and correct those who are in error) (2 Timothy 2:15).


In other words what “EVIDENCE” persuaded or influenced your doctrinal conclusion of who Jesus was and who God is. There are three things that are fundamental to obtaining a correct understanding and proving it.


IDENTIFY what’s involved; and

VERIFY the descriptions (or the historical use); and



Along with providing the viewer with supporting documentation, this video series (The Oneness of God In Christ) incorporates various illustrations that actually clear up many misleading illustrations that are still in use today.


It is the goal of this ministry to shed some light on traditionally held principles and doctrines that are not scriptural based, Separating Truth from Tradition so that we all come into a greater understanding of God’s word and walk accordingly. Understanding the difference between the Oneness of God, Jesus the Man and the God in Christ is vitally important because there is a big difference saying God was “in” the flesh body of a man named Jesus vs. God transforming himself to “appear” as a man (in which case he would not be totally human and he would not be the true seed of David).


Pastor Kevin M. Gregg


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