To Bring A Correct Understanding Of The Godhead


  • To understand “Oneness” as it pertains to the Godhead
  • To understand the Godhead as it pertains to Jesus Christ
  • To understand who Jesus is, and who he is not, according to the word of God
  • To understand what the word of God says and what it does not say
    • To correctly understand the biblical foundation of the Apostolic Doctrine
    • To understand common misinterpretations and how to avoid those misconceptions
    • To understand and recognize the use of metaphors and figures of speech used in the Bible and to recognize when the word is literal or not
    • To understand that personal interpretation cannot cause God’s word to be void

Many other topics will be discussed in this project, all too numerous to list here, suffice it to say the goal is to see what the Bible says and what it does not say and to be able to know the difference.

Anyone can claim to be a minister or a member of the clergy, there is a difference between having the desire to minister and being called and led by God to serve. Ministry is a God ordained purpose birthed in the heart of a man and anointed by God to accomplish the call. There is no private interpretation to this calling; and there is no way to manufacture anointing.

To the reader or those seeking truth, I encourage you to discuss the contents of this website with the appropriate clergy of your particular denomination or faith as to the biblical correctness of the contents within this website. It is not my intent to disseminate incorrect information as fact, especially since I have been led by God to undertake this project and dispense the results of my fact findings to my children and to whomever else the Lord may want to have this information.

Feel free to save, share, copy, print or distribute any hard or electronic copy of this information if you find it useful in anyway. My goal is not personal gain. My only reason for undertaking this project has been due to the leading of God at this stage in my life.


All comments/responses/requests can be directed to [email protected]




  • Although knowledgeable, I am only a servant of Christ, I am not claiming to be a Bible scholar, a professor of theology, or a prophet.
  • I am not claiming to be the first person to originate any subject matter or thoughts contained within this website. Since this website reflects the thoughts of this author, Kevin Gregg, any portion of this websites content containing wording or graphics similar to any other material or source is either coincidental or material of which I deem to be a true and an accurate reflection of my own beliefs as lead and instructed by God and is not copied protected.
  • Where applicable and if known the authors of any related writings have been referenced or identified and/or prior usage permission has been granted where necessary.
  • I am not bound by the traditions of men when the word of God states otherwise.
  • I am not interested in nor will I conform to the opinions of other men (or organizations) when they clearly contradict the word of God.


There is no charge for sharing the information contained within any of our websites (other than that as would be restricted by law).

The information and contents contained within this website are not to be sold or purchased. This website publication is made available to the public and not to be redistributed for personal gain, profit or praise. It is of little or no consequence to me if others read, share, distribute, or use this website or its contents. It is our sincere desire that the Lord direct this information into the possession of those looking for and seeking honest answers to some of today’s real challenges and questions.

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