[fblike]Part 2:

The Church Christ Established (Matthew 16:15-21)

Before we can correctly understand the doctrine of Christ we must understand how the Church of Christ was established, where it began and with whom.

Our “Confession of Faith” (Mat 16:15-17) is central to every Christian Church. The identity of Jesus, as both the Christ and Son of God,  was confirmed during this dialogue held between Peter and Jesus.

It is from this point forward that Christ begins to establish His church (Mat 16:18). And the church is established upon this rock (is a term used to reflect the firm foundation of a specifictruth correctly spoken by Peter, as to who Jesus truly was).

Christ then informs Peter that he will equip Peter with the necessary keys (understanding) to fulfill this calling Christ has just placed on him (Mat 16:19).


Series: The Identity of Christ / Part 2: (The Church Christ Established) Pastor Kevin Gregg



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